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Photo on right: Mr. Jesus Villalobos runs Premium Sport 5.20-14 inch tires with the 5/8" whitewall stripe on his Truespoke 14 X 7" reverse, 50-spoke wire wheels. For more information on Truespoke wire wheels, please click here.

The ultimate Lowrider tire
Now 8-Ply Rated. This tire is a 4-ply tire but with an 8-ply rating for increased strength and durability.
Made in the USA
No longer says Lowrider on the sidewall
Flat tread profile.
Specially prepared for vehicles built prior to 1976.

13 & 14 inch rim diameters

5/8" and 1 1/4" whitewall widths - 13" Tires

5/8" and 1 3/8" whitewall widths - 14" Tires

Not recommended for rims wider than 4"

Premium Sport 520-13 - 5/8" whitewall
13 X 7" Truespoke reverse 50 spoke wire wheel

Premium Sport 520-14 - 1 3/8" whitewall

Size Whitewall
Construction Load Capacity Recommended
Rim Width
Tread Width Section Width Overall Diameter Price Per Tire
Does not include Shipping
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520-13 5/8th inch 4 PLY NYLON 820@36PSI 3.5-4" 4.00" 6.00" 23.10" $124.00  
520-13 1 1/8th inch 4 PLY NYLON 820@36PSI 3.5-4" 4.00" 6.00" 23.10" $124.00  


5/8th inch


915 @36 PSI








1 3/8th inch


915 @36 PSI







       Looking for Truespoke wire wheels? Click here to see the new Truespokes.
*Please order your tires carefully. Let us help you. If you need to return tires and it is not our fault, there is a 20% re-stocking fee.
Tires must be returned in the same condition as shipped and not mounted. We cannot accept tires that have been mounted. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Details
  • Construction: 4 ply NYLON.
  • Tubeless construction.
  • All sizes are both DOT and ECE marked. ECE is the certification for the European market.
  • UTQG: Not rated.
  • Recommended PSI: See above chart.
  • Warranty
  • We want you to be pleased with your purchase! Tires are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the tread. Some tires carry no warranty, as noted.

  • Adjustment is made on a prorated basis (you pay for tread wear used). We are not responsible for tire and tube failure due to improper mounting, mechanical failure or improper alignment of the vehicle. Coker Tire does not offer any guarantee of fitment for any particular purpose and limits its liability to the purchase price of the item. All tires and tubes should be installed by properly trained individuals. Dimensions for tires listed are not scientifically measured and may vary depending on rim widths and inflation. Warranty returns also require an RMA number. Please do not return any tire without contacting us first to make arrangements.

  • Mounting/Balancing Recommendations: Install only by a trained expert. Static balance with the weights on the inside of the tire only in order to protect the soft whitewall. This also gives a more pleasing appearance. Recommend the use of lug centric balancing over hub centric. Due to the cosmetic whitewall insert these tires may take 3 to 5 ounces to balance, this is normal.
  • Produced in the USA. The whitewalls, redlines and redlines are molded into the tire, not added on after the tires are made.
  • Many of the Firestone whitewalls have raised lettering on them. Since the whitewall cannot be buffed smooth due to the lettering, the tire will have mould vent marks in the whitewall; this is normal and NOT a warranty issue.
  • All listed measurements are non-scientific and may change with different rim widths.
  • Never mix bias and radials on the same vehicle because the vehicle may steer uncontrollably.
  • Old rims can often be out-of-round and should be carefully checked before mounting.
  • A disadvantage with tires that have a nylon cord carcass is that when a vehicle is parked overnight in very cold weather or for a longer period of time in any weather conditions, the tire will "take a set". In other words, the weight deforms the tire's contact patch and it has a flat spot. The tire has to get warmed up before the tire rounds out and in very cold weather, that can take several miles. This is normal for a nylon cord type tire.

Motorspot, Inc.
Wide Whitewall Tires
phone: 760-731-8303 - 9-5 PST - Fallbrook, California
fast & friendly service is only a telephone call away

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● To order, simply call us at: 760-731-8303 M - F, 9 - 5 PST.
● Use our shopping cart or your VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card to make your purchases.     ● PayPal also accepted.

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